I just wanted to write to thank Eddy for the great job he did on my hair

this past Saturday, Oct. 13. I was in town from NJ with my family for a

wedding that evening at Hildene. At the last minute I decided I needed a

different look than my everyday curls, so I called the salon late that

morning, hoping to get an appointment. The woman who answered was very

accommodating and was able to get me an appointment for a blowout early

that afternoon.

Upon arriving, I was immediately greeted by Eddy. He did a fantastic job

on my somewhat "difficult" hair. The blowout lasted all night, and I

couldn't have been happier.

Not sure when the next time I'll be in Manchester is, or if I'll need

hair/salon services when I do, but I'll be sure to keep your salon in


I'm attaching a picture from the wedding. (I'm on the right.)


Michele Casey